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Anyone that is familiar with Climate Change will know that the ultimate cause of the increased global temperature of planet earth is the amount of Carbon & Greenhouse Gas equivalents emitted into the atmosphere through human related activities; 51 Billion tons to be precise. In order for the world to reach the collective targets set as part of the Paris Agreement and limit the average global temperature rise to well below 2°C above preindustrial levels and pursue efforts to limit this increase to 1.5°C before 2050 we need to pull the equivalent of 51 Billion tons of Carbon back out of the air.


ClimateAbility helps our clients do their part in contributing to this worldwide reduction by helping them become a Carbon neutral organization. Our Carbon Footprint Analysis Services cover all 3 scopes of Greenhouse Gas emissions as outlined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol:


  • Scope 1 covers direct emissions from owned or controlled sources such as company owned vehicles.

  • Scope 2 covers indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, heating and cooling consumed by your business or organization.

  • Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain which can vary from business travel through to investments.


ClimateAbility’s Carbon Footprint Analysis Services provides the baseline needed to implement an effective carbon reduction strategy into your business or organization.


We promise to help you calculate, analyze & reduce your carbon footprint with no effect on your business operations or performance.

Benefits to our Client's

Accurate Calculation of your Organization's Carbon Footprint based on the GHG Protocol

ClimateAbility's Expertise & Guidance to Provide a Carbon Reduction Strategy

Certified Carbon Neutral badge of honor for your business provided by ClimateAbility