Camillus Fitzpatrick

Founder & CEO


Camillus Fitzpatrick is the Founder & CEO of ClimateAbility.

In the decade prior to founding ClimateAbility, Camillus advised a wide variety of clients as a Management Consultant within the Financial Services and Capital Markets industries as well as being tasked with growing the North American consulting business of a large multi-national FinTech firm.

US based and an Irish citizen, Camillus has led projects in varied business cultures across Europe & North America, spending time living and advising clients in Moscow, London, Chicago & New York.

Camillus has always had a passion for the welfare of planet earth and all the living things that call it home. With Climate Change an existential threat to our very existence and an issue that needs tackling head on, Camillus founded ClimateAbility, to provide businesses & organizations alike with the knowledge and strategy to implement solutions that provide real world impact and leave the environment that they work in better than when they found it.

In the sustainability sphere Camillus specializes in providing our clients with hands on Sustainability & Lifecycle Assessments, Carbon Footprint Analysis, Supply Chain Solutions and Sustainable Branding Services

Camillus received his BSc in Accounting & Information Systems from Queen’s University, Belfast and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia University, New York. He is a practicing member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) & holds a Professional Certificate in Clean Power from Imperial College, London.

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