Sustainability Assessment

Unleash Your Business' Full Sustainability Potential

Sustainability Is a Journey. Discover How ClimateAbility Can Set Your Organization on the Right Path With Our Sustainability Roadmap.

ClimateAbility provides full Sustainability/Lifecycle Assessment (LCA’s) services to our clients across multiple industries.


Our clients are increasingly interested in better understanding and addressing the impacts of their products & services along their life cycle and have an enhanced awareness of the importance of protecting the environment as part of their daily operations. Most of our clients however do not know where to begin this process and the whole idea of becoming a sustainable business can become overwhelming. At ClimateAbility we understand this feeling and we aim to remove this burden through the all-encompassing Sustainability Assessments we provide.


Our assessments will analyze the environmental, social and economic impacts of your product or service over its entire life cycle & value chain from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacturing, distribution, use, repair & maintenance, and disposal/recycling.


This results in many benefits to our clients some of which are outlined below:


1. Identify Your Business’ Environmental Impact

ClimateAbility’s impact assessment is deliberately designed to improve organizational insight into the three pillars of economic, environmental and social impacts of your business. Its goal is to both inform key decision makers and to allow them to better understand how & where they can enact meaningful change within their holistic business landscape.


2. Improve Stakeholder Engagement

By creating visibility of your business’ environmental impacts it fosters a greater team mentality to the task at hand within your organization and thus ensures that both decision makers and the wider employee network are all working towards the same goal. This internal collaboration and shared responsibility of your business’ impacts is key to promoting the engagement necessary to successfully solve them.


3. Informed Decision Making

The overarching goal of our sustainability initiatives is to ensure that sustainability becomes entrenched within our client’s business models going forward. By partnering with ClimateAbility we ensure that our clients are educated to be able to make better informed decisions in all aspects of their business’ supply chain.

Benefits to our Client's

Clarity of Objectives

Enhanced Collaboration and Mission Driven Mentality

Educated & Informed Decision Making